Black Diamond Grip tape tools for Skateboards & Longboards

Griptape Application Tools

Aesthetically speaking, there’s nothing better than looking down at a perfect grip job. These grip tape tools are everything you need to grip your board.  Griptape application is no doubt the most tedious part of setting up a skateboard, that’s why the all the pro’s and shop dudes use specific tools to get the job done and looking proper. Use the Black Diamond Grip Tape Roller tool to smooth out your grip and ensure maximum bond to the board. The griptape file ensures smooth, clean edges and ensures you get the job done right the first time without those nasty jagged edges. The griptape awl serves two purposes. 1) Use it to easily poke holes through the griptape for the mounting bolts. 2) Use it to get rid of any pesky air bubbles on your griptape. The credit card size folding knife is the cherry on top. Just three ingenious folding operations turn the card into an elegant pocket utility tool. Sharp as a scalpel, this knife is thinner, lighter, and sharper and due to its use of surgical steel.

Griptape Awl

Black Diamond Griptape Awl

Griptape File

Black Diamond Griptape File

Griptape Roller

Black Diamond Griptape Roller

Griptape Pocket Knife

Black Diamond Griptape Cutter